Procut can quickly and precisely cut flat surfaces such as floors, suspended slabs, roofs, bridge decks and roadways to a depth of 550mm with diamond-tipped blades. This can be achieved by using hand held or walk behind concrete cutting equipment powered either by hydraulic, diesel or electric. An economical and effective method for the cutting of horizontal concrete structures such as concrete slabs, car parks, roads, pavements, suspended slabs, driveways or for the formation of expansion joints, chases etc.

Advantages of Road/Floor Sawing 


1 Road sawing is quick, efficient and economical concrete cutting solution. 


2 Road sawing results in precise, efficient, accurate cuts 


3 Road sawing is the quickest concrete solution for removal projects 


4 Procut uses the highest quality concrete saws on the market today

5 Road sawing preserves the integrity of surrounding structures 

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