We operate a number of Hi Frequency Electric/Hydraulic & 2 stroke petrol Handsaws & Ringsaws, achieving a maximum cutting depth of 3300mm. Hydraulic/High Frequency Hand Saws can cut to a depth of 150mm, these saws are used when ventilation is limited and petrol fumes cannot be exhausted. A Hydraulic/high frequency ring saw has a cutting depth of 330mm. The advantage of this is that the ring saw can cut deeper from one side where access is not available from both sides or the slab depth is greater than 150mm.

1 Our top of the line hand saws can be used on any number of 

surfaces, and cut up to 13″ deep.  


2 Handsaws are versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. 


3 Hand sawing is the most cost effective concrete cutting solution 

for small jobs and confined spaces.  


4 Handsaws are portable and can access small, tight areas where 

cutting is needed.

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