Core Drilling machines provide a means of cutting precise circular holes for electrical, plumbing and other internal work.  Our core drills are capable of drilling holes using diamond bits with 

diameters ranging from 6mm to 900mm which provide the versatility required in most building renovations. We can core drill on an angle, plumb or level, above and below ground.

Core drilling applications are: roofs, ceilings, bridges, walls, tunnels and road surfaces. Core Drilling can also be used for rerouting cables, pipes and wires – helping in renovations or new constructions. Diamond core drilling is a robust and heavy duty method of drilling though any hard-wearing material, providing accurate and efficient drilling and virtually unlimited depths.  

A drilling process known as “stitch drilling” can also be employed where each hole overlaps another to create a slot, opening or in some cases to completely separate a large section of concrete slab or wall neatly and without the need for any saw cuts.

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